Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reportedly slashed Miles Morales symbiote suit and limited Venom’s lines to 10%

In a recent appearance at Fan Expo San Francisco, actor Tony Todd, who portrays Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, mentioned that only around 10% of the recorded dialogue for Venom was used in the final version of the game. This revelation, shared during a panel, raises speculation among fans about the reasons behind this decision by Insomniac, the game’s developer.

According to Todd’s comments, there’s a suggestion that the remaining dialogue might be reserved for a future project involving Venom. However, this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Insomniac. It’s plausible that Venom’s role was initially more significant in Spider-Man 2 but was later reduced or altered during development.

Interestingly, Todd also disclosed that he recorded dialogues for scenes involving Miles Morales with a symbiote, akin to the ‘Venom suit’ seen on Peter Parker and Harry Osborn in certain parts of Spider-Man 2. This implies that, at some stage of the game’s creation, there might have been a version where Miles utilized the suit.

Regarding potential future developments, actor Yuri Lowenthal, who voices Peter Parker in the game, expressed interest in incorporating villains from Across the Spider-Verse in a potential Spider-Man 3. Lowenthal referenced games like Portal to envision how a battle against the villain Spot could be compelling, although he acknowledged the unlikelihood of Insomniac integrating that character.