Domestic Box Office Triumph: Godzilla Minus One Sets New Record in 2023

According to Deadline, Godzilla Minus One has stormed the domestic box office with an impressive $11 million debut, setting a new benchmark for 2023 as the largest opening for a foreign film. This surpasses the earlier record held by Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, which raked in $10.1 million in March. With its release marking the onset of the year’s final month, it’s unlikely that any other film will usurp this record before January. This triumph follows the movie’s remarkable success in Japan, where it grossed a whopping 1.04 billion yen, equivalent to $7.8 million, within its first three days. Notably, $1.2 million of this revenue came from 49 IMAX theaters, marking a substantial opening for a Japanese live-action film in this format.

Critically acclaimed, Godzilla Minus One has garnered high praise. Initially boasting a perfect score of 100%, the film now maintains an impressive 97% fresh rating. Its audience score surpasses this, standing at a remarkable 98% fresh, as per the ratings provided by moviegoers. Critics unanimously hail the movie for its presentation of “engaging human stories,” interwoven with characters that audiences deeply care about, amidst the backdrop of Godzilla’s catastrophic rampages.

Hannah Rose of CBR lauds the film, stating, “Godzilla Minus One offers a poignant perspective on postwar Japan, portraying a blend of brutality and tenderness.” Despite its extensive two-hour runtime, the movie masterfully maintains momentum, seamlessly balancing large-scale destruction with intimate human drama and subtle humor. The film’s success is attributed to its stellar human cast and a breathtakingly terrifying portrayal of the legendary monster.