The Hangover 4′ Gets Bradley Cooper’s Instant Approval, Actor Confirms

Bradley Cooper recently discussed the potential for a new movie within The Hangover comedy franchise. During an interview on the New Yorker Radio Hour podcast to promote his upcoming film Maestro, Cooper reflected on his shift from comedic roles in The Hangover to more dramatic parts.

Host David Remnick questioned Cooper about his inclination toward fun roles and whether he’d consider another humorous character, even if not specifically Hangover 5. Cooper humorously expressed his willingness for Hangover 4, highlighting his admiration for Todd Phillips, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms.

Despite his openness, Cooper hinted at Phillips’ potential reluctance to pursue another Hangover sequel. While expressing his affection for the cast, he suggested that Phillips might not be keen on revisiting the franchise.

Cooper’s current focus is on Maestro, a film he both stars in and directs. Scheduled for release on December 20, the film received a mixed review from NME. The review compared Maestro to A Star Is Born, noting a strong start followed by a gradual loss of momentum, expressing disappointment at the limited insight into Bernstein’s complex life.

NME described the film as a glossy biopic that doesn’t delve deeply into Bernstein’s character or his intricate relationships, maintaining a certain distance and keeping the audience somewhat disconnected from the enigmatic figure portrayed on screen.