New Aquaman 2 Trailer Unveils Extended Atlantean Action and Hints at a Major Character’s Dark Fate

In a recent development for the much-anticipated Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, an international trailer has surfaced, offering a deeper glimpse into the Atlantean adventure awaiting fans. The trailer hints at a potential dark turn for a significant character in the DC Extended Universe sequel.

The storyline of the upcoming film revolves around Aquaman, portrayed by Jason Momoa, as he confronts the vengeful return of Black Manta, driven by a quest for revenge over his father’s demise. Empowered by the ominous Black Trident, Black Manta sets the stage for a formidable adversary. The ensemble cast includes Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Patrick Wilson, Temuera Morrison, and Amber Heard.

With just over a month until the film’s release, the official Warner Bros. Japanese YouTube channel has unveiled the international trailer, providing audiences with a more extensive preview of the underwater action. Among the scenes showcased is Aquaman, astride colossal seahorses, engaged in a yet-unrevealed confrontation. Notably, the trailer suggests a potential dark twist for Patrick Wilson’s character, Orm, as he grapples with the formidable powers of the Black Trident and the cursed army it commands.

A brief sequence in the trailer raises questions about Orm’s fate, leaving viewers in suspense. The connection between Orm’s struggle and the influence of the Black Trident remains ambiguous. Given Black Manta’s intent to extinguish Aquaman’s entire familial bloodline and the hinted redemption arc for Wilson’s character, parallels to character arcs like Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are drawn. Speculation arises regarding a potential heartbreaking sacrifice orchestrated by Abdul-Mateen II’s character or the involvement of the enigmatic King Atlan.

As Orm navigates lingering animosity toward his half-brother Aquaman, there is the possibility that he succumbs to the corrupting influence of the cursed Trident, reverting to his villainous roots. Such a plot twist echoes narrative turns seen in post-credits scenes of films like Green Lantern and Doctor Strange. The looming question emerges: Does this serve as groundwork for Aquaman 3, especially amid the ongoing creative adjustments at DC Studios following James Gunn’s tenure?

Director James Wan’s uncertainty regarding the sequel’s potential and Gunn’s indications that Snyder’s cast may not retain their roles add an air of uncertainty. Reports suggest Momoa might explore a role in the new DC Universe, potentially portraying Lobo in Gunn’s Superman: Legacy reboot or a standalone film. While sequel setups in DC films have sometimes led to dead ends, the prospect of Orm’s corruption by the Black Trident introduces a compelling, unexplored narrative twist. As fans eagerly await the release, the fate of Aquaman’s tenure in the DC Extended Universe remains shrouded in intrigue.