Super Mario Movie Sequel Officially Announced with Release Date

The saga of Mario and Luigi returns to cinemas in the year 2026

The animated film Super Mario Bros., chronicling the adventures of the world’s most beloved plumbers, has shattered all records, and Nintendo is well aware of its success. As such, a sequel has been officially confirmed, with the premiere set for April 3, 2026. Yes, unfortunately, it’s still a couple of years away from release, but at least there’s official confirmation of this next installment.

There’s been considerable buzz about the desire for a movie sequel. In fact, the main villain of this new chapter could entirely change, providing a fresh twist to the story. A likely candidate to become Mario and Luigi’s nemesis is King Boo. For now, there are no further details about this sequel, so fans should stay tuned.

Mario and Luigi will return to cinemas in 2026
This news was provided by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s creator, through Nintendo’s official Twitter account. He confirmed this highly anticipated news. Given that the first movie was a box office hit and received high praise from critics and the vast majority of viewers, expectations are high for this sequel to match or even surpass its predecessor.

“We’ll let you know the details once we’re ready to share more. This time too, the staff at Illumination and Nintendo are working together. We’re thinking about broadening Mario’s world further, and it’ll have a bright and fun story. We hope you’ll look forward to it!”

In case you missed it, at the first Alpha Beta Awards, the Super Mario Bros. movie won the award for best adaptation, so we can confidently say it was simply impressive.

As mentioned, the sequel is planned for April 3, 2026. While it’s still a while before we can enjoy the new movie, Nintendo will provide updates about what we can expect from the film over the coming months. So, keep an eye out because new information could be revealed soon.