Liam Neeson Exhibits Action Skills in Intense Fight Sequence Filmed in Small Australian Town for Ice Road Sequel

The seasoned 71-year-old action star, Liam Neeson, has been captured showcasing his action skills while filming a gripping fight scene for his upcoming movie. The actor has been actively involved in shooting scenes for “Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky” in the quaint town of Walhalla, situated in Victoria, Australia.

Transformed to resemble the Nepalese setting of the film, Walhalla, approximately two-and-a-half hours east of Melbourne, has become the backdrop for this Hollywood sequel. In the recently captured images from the set, Liam Neeson is seen engaging in a physical altercation with a man dressed as a guard or policeman within a dilapidated shed.

The intense scenes depict the Irish superstar throwing punches at the uniformed man, who sports a dark red beret. Under the watchful eyes of a sizable crew, Liam rehearses the scene multiple times, ensuring the authenticity of the action-packed sequence.

For this particular shoot, the renowned “Taken” star opted for a casual look, donning a plaid shirt, puffer vest, and grey trousers. Despite the warm summer weather in Melbourne, Liam maintained his character’s wintry appearance.

The actor, shielded from light rain by an attentive assistant who held an umbrella over him between takes, remained fully committed to the scene. The set buzzed with activity as other cast members navigated through the intricately designed market built specifically for the film.

“Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky” unfolds the story of Mike McCann, portrayed by Neeson, an ice road trucker embarking on a journey to Nepal to scatter his brother’s ashes on Mount Everest. This sequel shifts the narrative from the original film’s Canadian setting, adding a new layer of intrigue to the blockbuster franchise.